Check Security

All of our check stock is constructed of high-quality, bank-recommended 24 lb paper. Choose the level of fraud-protection you need for either blank or preprinted checks. Every check includes a half-inch clear zone and target box for the MICR line.

Artificial Watermark

An artificial watermark is printed on the back of the check with special ink. The watermark is viewable from a 45 degree angle.

Chemical Protection

The paper is treated with a unique chemical in the manufacturing process. Attempts to remove information with bleach or solvents stains the check permanently.

Coin Reactive

An Invisible layer on the back of the check changes color when rubbed with a coin.

Erasure Protection

A white mark appears when an alteration is attemped.

Fluorescent Fibers

Fluorescent fibers are added to the paper as it is being manufactured. Visible exclusively under ultraviolet light, replication is very difficult.


Text is printed at one one hundreth of an inch and is legible under magnification. Duplication is evident when the text appears as a series of dots.

Original Document Backer

Light grey printing on the back of the check disappears when photocopied.

Padlock Icon

Alerts to security features listed on the back of the check.

Prismatic Pantograph

The check background fades from one color to another. Merging of these colors creates a color variance that is very difficult to reproduce by using a scanner or copier.

Thermochromatic Ink

A heat sensitive ink block on the back of the check that will fade and reappear when breathed on or held between thumb and finger.

Toner Adhesion

Causes toner to bond permanently to paper.

True Watermark

A true watermark is placed in the paper fibers at the time the paper is manufactured. It is viewed by holding the check up to a light source.

Void Pantograph

The text, VOID, is hidden in the pantograph design to prevent photocopying and scanning abuse. Then duplicated, the word VOID appears on the document.

Warning Box

A warning box, located on the back of the check, lists security features providing quick verification of the check's authenticity.